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Bodog Background:

Borgou was founded in 1994 by Calvin Ayala (Year of the Lunar Calendar). Since then, bodog has gradually succeeded in bringing a range of entertainment products to the global market. These include: online games, international record companies, publishing groups, and real-life themes like Calvin Ayre Wild Card Poker and Bodog Fight. The international television production company thus eventually developed into a powerful global entertainment kingdom.

Bodog and Calvin are also featured on mainstream television programs such as CNBC, MTV and ESPN Magazine. He is also the cover of Forbes magazine.

Bodog’s certificates and licenses:

Hitwise was awarded as the most popular sports betting website.

Ranked among the top 50 in the eGaming Review and was awarded the “most creative website.”

Casino products received RNG certification issued by Gaming Associates.

The Bodog brand is exclusively licensed to Haydock Entertainment Inc., which is based on the relevant laws of the Republic of the Philippines and obtained an “interactive online game license” issued by FirstCagayan, making the bodog a grand debut in Asia.

Bodog is also a member of GamCare and has been authorized to conduct safe and reliable online gaming operations in the United Kingdom ( and Canada (


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